Thursday, May 29, 2008

Window shopping....argh!

I think I had mentioned, we purchased 15 new windows. When I ordered them from one of those "Home stores" they told me if I want them delivered, to wait till they were delivered to the store. (They were special order)

Alright, so I get the call they are in, and I go to the store and ask to have them delivered, which I am responded to with "You should have done this when they were ordered"

Well..after explanations that I was told not to... so they proceeded to figure out how to attach that to my order. Now the woman behind the desk says, "Which day would you like them?" (This is monday eve.) Tues, Wednes, Thurs....I said, "Tues, as in tomorrow? " She says yes..I said, tomorrow will be fine! SO I paid my delivery fee...and go home.

I waited the whole next day, for my new windows, which of course didn't come. I call.....I am told, "No way Hunny, you ain't gettin them till the 28th".

So ok..I wait a week...Yesterday was the 28th. However, Hubby and I happened to be at the store on the 27th in the evening, so I decided I would check on my order...and she says, "Yeah you're getting them tomorrow, but I can't give you a window of time" I told her how would I know they are coming, she says I should get a phone call. I asked if I don't get the I still getting them?

She said, oh, don't worry, you'll get a call...well, I didn't.

It was getting near noon, I called them. Nope, I am not on the schedule to be delivered today. He has to "check and see if they have them" then he will schedule me. I went through the explanation of the windows coming in , and waiting on the 20th for delivery, and they not showing he tells me, he will look for them, and if he finds them, I can have them tomorrow (Today)

He will however "call" me. Nope no phone call.

First thing this morning, I called to speak with the store fooling around now..I spent good money on those windows, I want them, and in good condition. After an hour on the phone, I am finally put back on the line with delivery...and he hasn't been able to locate them!!!

He will call me back in 5-10 minutes!

Yeah yeah. I called back after two hours of not hearing, and <> he found my windows, and I should get them tomorrow..after I get a confirmation call! (not as of yet)I told them I have a school meeting in the morning, I want an afternoon we shall see..........I am exhausted!

I have to order 9 more windows, and they are running a sale..It would be nice to get sale price..but I want to see the first 15 first!!

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loulee1 said...

I think when they eventually do arrive you should go lie down in a darkened room Janet!