Friday, May 23, 2008

Back Upstate

Dh is back at the house, he has a nice long weekend to be up least he can put in two full days of work, instead of one.

This time..he said he would like to take his Monday up there..and enjoy the place and the scenery! It's making me happy, knowing he finally, finally.....starting to enjoy the concept of living there!

Now when he comes home, he gets so upset with the traffic here..we live near we are in a congested, small town.

Anyway...He plans on taking these few days to do final clean-up...finish the kitchen removals, and then just do a lot of sweeping and clean-up..he may get to fix a few studded walls..but most of all, he has loads of bricks to remove that will take time.

Last but not least..I wanted to post a photo of the cabinet..with the drawers in place. They aren't primed yet...but they are fitted!

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