Monday, June 23, 2008

Another weekend

Well...I haven't any photos to actually share, he took pictures of the walls, after he removed all the bricks...yup..all the bricks are finally gone!

It was a hard decision of what to do this weekend, but we agreed, in order to move forward, we had to stop going back..and that meant, get rid of all the brick left in the a final clean-up can be done...and start putting back!

So..they busted their butts this weekend, and removed the remainder of brick..the dumpster is only half full..but at least I can get rid of it all.

Now hubby can start working on the plumbing..and some wall reconstruction! For the walls, he wanted to try to reuse the 2 x 4's that he removed. He can use some..but I convinced him, for the actual wall studs, he should use new. why? (you may ask)? The original 2x4's...well..let's just say, back way back then, when they made them...they weren't today's standards? I don'tknow how else to word that. The old 2 x 4's..maybe that size on one end..but they aren't at the other!

We noticed the change in sizes when we were trying to cut some to make the supports for the new walls...that size difference can be made up (or covered over) by floor moldings..but to use them for the would make it very hard to put new sheetrock up..the walls would be wavy...and inconsistent.

Some graduate larger than 4" and some decrease in size.

So anyway...another weekend..July 4th weekend, at least will be a longer one, and then a couple short weekends, then Hubby will be up there for another whole week. He is hoping to get a lot accomplished in that week. We shall see!

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