Monday, June 30, 2008

The building has started!

We have beams for the bathroom's not done, Hubby had to do some work on the outside wall first..from all the water leaks over the years, the sill had rotted away, so he had to reconstruct all that first, but he (and I) were pleased to see the beginning of reconstruction! The bathroom also got a new plywood floor...for strength. Hubby, cut away all rotted flooring, and patched with plywood...then covered the whole floor in new plywood.

Now here is a conflict...I believe, since it's the bathroom, he should have used the concrete substrate. We plan on tiling..and I would prefer a strong underlayment. One that is water proof. Hubby is a bit annoyed with me, because if he does it my way now, he needs to rip up what he put down.

I have been saying all along, I wanted it done right..and he agreed..but when I leave him alone to his own initiative..he forgets, and this is what we have. If we add a concrete substrate now, on top of the plywood..the floor will be so much higher than it needs to be. (sigh) a dilemma!

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loulee1 said...

Can't help I'm afraid, you two will have to ort this one out!

Good news that you got the Jack back!