Monday, June 9, 2008

Some more work...

Well, after this weekend, the roofers did show up! Actually, the roof isn't on yet, but the sheathing was repaired, renailed down..I was told there were alot of boards, with loose that was taken care of, and an underlayment was applied!

Here ia a photo of the porch roofing underlayment..

Here is a pic of the stuff on the remainder of the house:

And this one, is the side view of the house:

As I look at the house, more and more, all the rust that developed since the winter....well it made a huge mess on the siding. It slowly turned areas of the siding a beautiful "rust" color. I am hoping, with a washing..maybe a tad of a sanding, and maybe a painting..we can make it look nice again. There were only three areas that were so maybe it's salvageable.

Anyway, the Hubby, managed to repair the kitchen floor beams..he needed to pour some concrete to make a footing..and next week, he should be able to remove the supports!

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