Saturday, June 28, 2008

One notation

Hubby is still at the house, so I don't have much to share, however......

I didn't mention last weekend, that while hubby and I were up there, we used "railroad jacks" to raise the floor in places where it was sagging..and then we had to put in supports, to remove the jacks.

Well, Hubby went up last weekend, and one of the two large ones, was gone. :(

We took them both out, and put them together in one room..and the metal bar we use to crank them up, was in a bucket in another room....that was gone also.

It made me angry, we gave out two keys to for the general contractor..who had been there helping us for months..and another to the heating contractor to install a new boiler when he had time..we wouldn't be there often enough for him to we did allow him to have a key.

Hubby called me last weekend, and asked if we by any chance put it in another, we hadn't. They were both put next to each other, and they should both be there...but only one was, not the other.

Hubby, didn't want to make waves...and was gonna let it go..but we may still need them..lot's to do still..and I can't see buying another because someone was greedy.

So I recommended, he just casually mention it's disappearance to both they knew, we was missing.

He called them Monday, and asked if they had seen it while they were there, because we couldn't find it.

Both said they hadn't, but would ask their employees about it.

Well...Hubby went up this weekend, and at first he didn't see them.. then later, he went into the basement..and he called was there!

Not asking questions as to how it became in the cellar. I am just pleased it returned.

I wouldn't mind, if someone needed to borrow, a casual mention to us would have been nice..but I don't think it would have returned, if we hadn't asked about it..because hubby did look in the basement last weekend, and it wasn't there.

In all actuality, after we finish the house, Hubby intends on giving them to the General contractor..because he doesn't plan to use them again..but...for now, they may be needed.

Anyway..all's well that ends well! (I hope)

Hubby is pleased...the last thing he wanted to do is upset the contractors...we still need them!

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